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Dear Business Owner,

Have you received this magazine in the mail?  

As seen in this Small Business Secrets magazine

If so, you’ve discovered a “secret funding source” that can get you the cash you need for your business in as little as 24 hours:

  • Without involving your bank
  • Without making a personal guarantee 
  • Without providing any collateral

This secret source is Liberty Funding – a company that specializes in a new and surprisingly flexible financing arrangement called a “Business Cash Advance.” 

When you take a Business Cash Advance from Liberty Funding, you’ll have the money you need to:

  • Easily handle temporary cash flow problem caused by slow-paying customers
  • Take advantage of an opportunity that will disappear if you don’t act quickly
  • Open a new location sooner rather than later
  • Buy extra inventory for a special event
  • Purchase materials for a construction project that you need to get moving on immediately

And unlike a bank, Liberty Funding can get you the cash you need:

  • in 24 hours or less… 
  • with minimum paperwork (you’ll be surprised at how little there is) …
  • without collateral…
  • without a personal guarantee…
  • and with painless repayment terms!

That’s impossible for traditional lenders, but it’s an everyday occurrence for us at Liberty Funding,

Liberty Funding makes the “impossible” possible, as you’ll discover after a quick 15-20 minute phone call with one of our qualified Financial Representatives.

During this brief conversation, you’ll discover how much cash your business qualifies for – and how to get your free “Business Cash Flow kit,” packed with valuable, profit-boosting insights into running your business.

Now let me share with you  ...

3 Powerful Ways Liberty Funding Stands Head and Shoulders Above its Competitors

Powerful Way #1: We use our own capital which allows us to help you with complex transactions and give you more favorable payment terms.

Most BCA companies aren’t able to perform complex transactions or more favorable payment arrangements for you. That’s because most of them act as a broker for hedge funds, private capital pools, or finance companies. 

But Liberty Funding is different. We use only our own capital, making us more flexible … and more able to craft a solution that’s best for your needs. 

Using our own capital means that we can make quick decisions … and get you the cash you need practically overnight in many cases.

Powerful Way #2: We’re at your side in times of trouble.

If your cash flow takes a hit… if a big client fails to pay you in a timely manner… if a disaster of some sort sets you back… we have the flexibility to adjust your repayment terms without damaging your credit. 

Powerful Way #3: We make the “impossible” possible.

Finally, we can get you the cash you need without a mountain of paperwork.

Send it back along with copies of your business bank statements for the past 3 months. After that, we can get you the cash you need in as little as 24 hours.

Call or click today and I’ll send you a free, no-obligation copy of our “Business Cash Flow” kit. 

The kit includes four crucial Special Reports:

Business Cash Advances are a great way to get the cash you need on short notice. But they’re not your only option. In this quick-reading Special Report, you’ll discover how to take advantage of a variety of financing strategies, including: receivables factoring, purchase order financing, equipment leasing, SBA-backed loans, and other opportunities you might not know exist.

This Special Report arms you with the inside knowledge you need to spot abusive practices used by unscrupulous BCA companies, as well as traditional lenders. You’ll also discover which sources are 100% ethical – the financers you can rely on to help your business grow and thrive.

Think of this invaluable Special Report as the Cliff Notes version of an MBA in small business finance. In clear, jargon-free English it explains the ins and outs of ensuring your company has the financial resources needed to expand in good times, and remain afloat when times get tough.

Here are proven techniques for enticing customers to not only pay faster, but to pay more for the goods or services you provide. You’ll discover how to make small orders more profitable; the most secure way to accept electronic payments; and how to avoid giving customers an unintentional discount.

This Business Cash Flow Kit – a $60 value - is completely free! No hidden costs. No strings attached. No obligation of any kind.

We look forward to hearing from you – and to helping you get fast cash you need for your small business in 48 hours or less.

Steve McIntyre
President, Liberty Funding Solutions